Rikki Rosenthal

Welcome to The Apocalypse, I hope you brought ammo. - Joe Miller

Bio: Rikki is in way over her head. The group came across her as they were seeking shelter at Buck Millerís house. She was fleeing the scene of an attack. She and her sister were riding their bikes home from a Girl Scout meeting when the chaos erupted. They were attacked by a group of three zombies. Rikki managed to escape and was leaving when she turned to help her sister. As she stopped she gave a new group of zombies, drawn to the sounds of feeding, a chance to attack her. They were just about on her when Joe Miller and his band happened upon her. Rikki blames herself for letting her little sister get caught. She also is terrified of the events that are surrounding her.

Since arriving at Joe's boat, Rikki has appointed herself head cook.

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