S.E.A.L. Teams are the US Navy's Special Forces.

Our SEAL Team is on a six-month deployment to SEAFLOAT.

The Team deployed 1 October 1967 with an expected rotation Stateside of 1 April, 1968.

Squad Members:

IS1 Gerard L. Haven, USN(Point/Intel)
IS3 John M. Moore, USN (Intel/Pig)
EN3 Tony Hudson, USN (Point/Demo)
HM1 Eli Mannes, USN (Medic/Gren)
RM2 John Doe, USN (RTO/Sniper)
YN2 Oscar Bernard, USN (Sniper/Heavy Weapons)
HM3 Patrick "Mighty Mouse" Moscewicz, USN (MEDIC/Public Health DOS)