One More Thing

One More things is a side campaing using the Pathfinder RPG

The Characters:

Arthamitis Silverstone:

Female Elf Sorcerer 2, NG
Arthamitis is the 4th daughter and 7th child of the leading family of Strongwinds. Because she is a daughter of excess, she isn't seen as necessary to the family in social terms. She did however show a strong aptitude for magic. After several frustrating years of testing under the city mage it was determined her talents were more of a natural kind of magical aptitude. Arthamitis was then apprenticed to Rimeestan Laelithina the Sagacious the only sorcerer in all of Strongwinds. Several decades of tutelage resulted in lessons on how to become one with the magic that flowed and also in lessons of humility. Arthamitis is now in her 124th year and is eager to go out and experience the world, a opinion her master has instilled in her as a necessity to become a good sorcerer.

Elinithas Moonsteam:

Male Elf Fighter 2, CN
Elinithas is the only son of Tra'Ael Moonsteam, a career sergeant in the city guard of Strongwind who is usually assigned to the House Detail. His mother passed while he was still an toddler. He was raised in the barracks of the guard by all of the off duty troopers and naturally grew up to become a fighter him self. When The patron of the house asked for a guard for his youngest daughter, Tra'Ael naturally suggested his son. Elinithas has taken a vow to protect her at all costs.

Eleanor Sage:

Female Human Rouge 3, CG
Eleanor is a young woman who witnessed her father murdered. She has vowed to track down the traveling merchant and extract justice. Having escaped the "Home for Wayward Girls" she has eked out an existence as a rouge. She only targets wealthy merchants who have a reputation for swindling or taking advantage of the poor. She so far has avoided the attention of both the law and the thieves guilds, by never targeting the same mark twice in a six month period. She is starting to grow disillusioned in her quest to locate her fathers killer and the life of a thief.

Nikolas Sunbright:

Male Half-Elf Cleric of Sarenrae 2, NG
Nikolas understands that being a half elf means a hard life. While having traits of both races, half-elves are usually looked down upon if not outright shunned by both. Nik had a very rough childhood, he was abandoned by his father, his mother was shunned because of her affair with a human. He walked the lonely path until he met Brother Jalkasen U'Leftren of the temple of Sarenrae. At first he was very resistant to the teachings, but the more he listened the more they made sense to him. Although it was the actions and welcoming attitude of the members, the sense of belonging that drew him in and made him realize he wished to spend his life devoted to the service of Sarenrae.


Derrin Tillson

Sergeant of the Guard and bailiff at the Lock Up in Eldersport Wife, Cora and three daughters; Steffie 13, Emma 9 and Jamie 6. He is related to Orrin being his brother in law. He is recognized as one of the most honest and reliable peace officers in all of Eldersport. He is also a former Sergeant in the Kings army, but was mustered out when the troop levels were severely cut.


A Human Teamster. Ned works for Wallace driving her wagon and taking care of the carvan's day to day operations.


A Halfling Animal Expert, He works for Wallace taking care of her caravan's livestock.

The Setting

The party is from Shadebrook, a smaller Elf Kingdom along the Lower Ages Sea. They have been sent on a quest by Arthamitis' Sorcery Master, Rimeestan Laelithina the Sagacious. This simple enough quest to retreove some items from a friend will lead them halfway across the known world deep into the Human lands to the North.
Brackshire is the poorest Kingdom in the know world. It is suffers from a weak and indecisive monarch, a mass exodus of those with skill and talent, mismanaged natural resources and its neighbors abuse the situation. The nation of Brackshire, while not at war with anyone has several being fought on its soil.

Braesland, Eddington and Norcastle all conduct slave raids and pillage almost at will. To the west is Wellswinter who has outlawed slavery and has all but sealed the border. Eddington to the southwest and Hawthorn to the southeast are fighting a proxy war in Brackshire. Eddingto wants to annex some or all of Brackshire while Hawthore is fighting hard with limited resources to prevent such an outcome.

Brackshire is not all doom and gloom. The people that have not fled are a hearty resourceful lot that scratch out a living. They have to pay high taxes and get very little in return. What troops the King is able to field protect the capitol and the road that leads to the gates of Lundshire to the west. They are able to keep the road somewhat clear of highwaymen, bandits and others.

It is in this poor chaotic kingdom that the party finds itself.


The following locations are places the Party have encountered or heard of.


The Seaside port of Eldersport is a fairly thriving large town and is the most prosperous part of Braesland. This is mainly due to the fact that there is no harbor master, ships come and go at will and carry cargo that may or may not belong to them. The town has a token guard, but there is very little law or order.


Findly's is a bar in the seaport town of Eldersport. It is a classic dive.

Jordan's Smith, Stables & Pastures

Jordan Smith owns the busiest smithy and stables in Eldersport. He is fair and honest in his dealings and will never put up with foolishness form his customers or workers. He loves his wife, but constantly insults her and she him, all in good nature.

The Lock Up

The lock up is the port's jail. It is a bad place to be. There are no rights and prisoners usualy langish unless they can get someone to pay a "release" fee or the towns judge pardons them (usually a lessor fee, but harder to get an appointment. Prisoners usually buy their way out, die, or are sold into slavery. Prisoners that actually face a judge are sentenced to a harsh punishment or they are put to death.