Fallen Earth

This is Brian's 'Stricken Earth' Campaign.

Stricken Earth is a near future science fiction setting for a role playing game campaign. It is set in the solar system around 200 years in the future. At a point in time when Humanity had begun colonizing its nearest celestial neighbors, the solar system was struck by a series of meteors of undetermined origin. Both Earth and Mars received multiple strikes. Between damage from strikes, a limited nuclear exchange triggered by the strikes, and the ensuing chaos, at least 90% of Earth's population was killed, while contact with Mars was completely lost. In the days, weeks, years, and even decades that follow, Humanity's greates hope lies in its colonies on Venus (which, despite the challenges of its heat and toxic atmosphere, was tamed through the use of nanotechnology). By the time of the role playing setting, the governments on Venus are taking an active interest in Earth's recovery and the course it will take. In parallel to the Cold War period of Earth's 20th Century, the main vehicle for Venusian activity on Earth is through support of governments or groups on Earth with policies friendly to them. In an ironic twist, those Venusian governments are often former colonies of the regions on Earth where they are most active -- as if the rivals in Earth's Cold War had been the US and Australia, and both were competing to influence Great Britain. The feel of the setting is sort of a cross between Firefly and Mad Max.

The gaming campaigns set in the Stricken Earth background ostensibly use the D20 Modern and D20 Future systems published by , with some heavy modification relying both on alternative rules published from other sources and house rules. In addition, I am relying heavily on the follwong supplements, and recommend that players have accessto them:

  • D20 Apocalypse, Wizards of the Coast
  • D20 Modern Weapons Locker, Wizards of the Coast
  • D20 Cyberscape, Wizards of the Coast
  • Ultramodern Firearms, Green Ronin Publishing
  • Future Player's Companion, Green Ronin Publishing
  • Dragonstar Starfarer's Handbook, Fantasy Flight Games
  • D20 Mecha, Guardians of Order (Unfortunately, GoO is out of business, and while the have been acquired by White Wolf, they are not curently in publication. I will address that at any point at which their material is used.

The game is set at Progress Level 6, although the level present in a given location will vary depending on how it fared in the strikes. Also, I have decided that some PL 6 and earlier gear listed in the WotC books don't fit the setting, and have been banned, while some PL 7 and 8 gear fits in quite nicely, and will be available -- some as PL 6 gear, some as prototype PL 7.

The following restrictions are ALSO placed on the setting:

  • There is no arcana or magic.
  • There are no psionics.
  • There are no Monsters, Aliens, Demi-Human races (elves, goblins, halflings, etc.), though ther may be some cryptozoology.
  • There is no Faster Than Light travel or communications.
  • The use of robotics, cybernetics, Virtual Reality, Nanotechnology, Genetic Manipulation, and Mecha, while allowed, are severely limited and restricted. See the GM if you wish to pursue these topics.

In addition to restrictions, there are some rules added from other sources:

The following are House Rules that I have designed myself and which will be applied to the setting:

  • Because calculating orbital and trans-orbital trajectories is a matter of Physics, astronomy, and mathematics, characters with 5 or more ranks in Knowledge: Physical Sciences receive a +2 synergy bonus to Navigate skill checks when appliedto space travel.
  • Despite the assertion in the different supplements that the systems are incompatible, the game will emply the standard Wealth system, the Gray Wealth system from D20 Cyberscape, AND the barter system from D20 Apocalypse -- which one being employed and which one a character starts with will be dictated by their background -- players hsould discuss this with their GM during Character Generation.