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Written by Scott A. Ryan   
Thursday, 12 November 2009 13:12

I talked with Nate yesterday via yahoo! Messenger.


He is doing well. He complained that he isn't getting a lot of sleep.  He is working 12 hour days and standing 4 hour security watches after that.  He said things are going OK.  However he did mention that his unit is covering an area that should be covered by a much larger organization.   Nate is back to driving the Stryker APC.  "I'm just a glorified taxi driver now" Nate uttered when discussing his role.

Our proud warrior informed us that he will be returning to Texas some time in January.  He does not have the dates yet, but will give them to us as soon as he can.


Nate has asked for some items and I do have his address if you wish to send him something.  He is requesting skittles, deodorant, baby wipes, toothpaste and the like.  He said soap is useless as they don't have enough water to shower with.   He also said cookies and other snacks that that will not melt would be appreciated.

if you would like Nate's emaill address contact me at scott( at )

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